Warimpex planns two offices in Cracow

Mogilska Office - visualization
Chopin Office - visualization
The Warimpex partnership, that is the owner of the Cracow Chopin Hotel, is going to build two offices – Chopin Office and Mogilska Office.

Warimpex is currently in a phase of particularizing projects of two investments – Chopin Office and Mogilska Office – which are going to be realized in the capital of Little Poland. The first of them will be located in the vicinity of Rondo Mogilskie in the neighborhood of Chopin Hotel and the second one not much further – at Mogilska Street on the plot which is adjacent to the office of KPR Prodlew. The preparation of the offices’ conception concerns their architectural and executive aspects. The completion dates of both realizations have been not settled yet. At the moment, the investor does not want to reveal any details of the investment.


At present, Warimpex is negotiating with potential tenants. Some of these companies are currently entering the Cracow market – says Christoph Salzer, Regional Director in Warimpex. – The market of commercial areas in Poland is still characterized by a significant development potential which is particularly noticeable in big cities. There is still demand for the highest class office areas located in a good location in Cracow – adds Salzer.


Warimpex Finanz und Beteiligungs AG is an investment and developer partnership with a registered office in Vienna and it is recorded on the stock exchange in Vienna and Warsaw (WXF). As one of the biggest investors on the hotel market in the Central and Eastern Europe, the company is currently the owner, the co-founder and the entity which manages 18 business and luxurious hotels with ca. 4600 rooms and five commercial as well as office buildings with the total useable area of ca. 43 000 sq. m. Warimpex has realized development projects in the property sector for the total amount of over 1 billion euro within last 25 years. The partnership is functioning in 7 European countries.


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