Warimpex builds a new office in Łódź

Office will be realized in close proximity to Manufaktura in Łódź
Office will be realized in close proximity to Manufaktura in Łódź
Chairman of Warimpex, Franz Jurkowitsch, announced building of a new office structure in Łódź. It is going to be realized on the plot located in close proximity to the crossroads of Zachodnia and Ogrodowa Streets.

The City of Łódź and Warimpex concluded an agreement in the area of sales of a plot located in close proximity to Zachodnia and Ogrodowa Streets in Łódź. The area, on which the office with the size of 29 000 sq. m will be realized, is located in close proximity to Manufaktura as well as crucial investment of the company on the Łódź market – andel's Łódź hotel. According to plans, the building of the office structure is supposed to be completed in the half of 2017.


Our new project indicates engagement of Warimpex in investments on the area of Łódź and also our support for the renewal of the city development by offering a property with a high standard. We are glad to observe a dynamic economic development of the Łódź region and we are proud that we can contribute to it. Just like our andel's hotel in Manufaktura allows to attract entrepreneurs to Łódź, we believe that the planned office building will encourage other national and international companies to locate their headuqarters there and intensify their investments in the region – says Franz Jurkowitsch, Chairman of Warimpex.


Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG is an investment and developer company with a headquarters in Vienna. The company is one of the biggest investors on the hotel market in the Central and Eastern Europe. It is also an owner, co-owner and subject who runs 18 business and luxurious hotels as well as five commercial and office structures with the total usable area of ca. 42 000 sq. m. 


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