MakoLab moves into Ogrodowa Office

Ogrodowa Office in Łódź
Ogrodowa Office in Łódź
MakoLab and Warimpex signed a letter of intent which concerns lease of offices in the office building Ogrodowa Office in Łódź. The tenant is to move into the new office in the first quarter of 2018.

Warimpex, a company which is realizing a new investment Ogrodowa Office in the city center of Łódź, signed a letter of intent with MakoLab concerning lease of offices in the building. This preliminary agreement concerns lease of 2245 sq. m for the period of 7 years.


Łódź develops economically, attracts new companies and quickens development of those ones which have already been present in the city for many years such as MakoLab. Therefore, Łódź needs office space, the standard of which meets the ambitions of the city and companies operating there. Special location, high class architecture and application of modern construction solutions make that Ogrodowa Office arouses a great interest. I believe that it is the promise of contracts with new tenants and that we will inform about them soon – says Alexander Jurkowitsch, Member of the Board of Warimpex.


Ogrodowa Office is an office and service building, which is situated at the crossroads of Ogrodowa and Zachodnia Streets in Łódź. The location of this investment provides a connection with the other part of the city, the airport and railway stations. Tenants will have numerous green terraces and balconies at their disposal. Ogrodowa Office offers 28 600 sq. m of leasable space, including 3900 sq. m of commercial space and underground garage with 300 parking places.


MakoLab is an interactive agency, which delivers complex solutions in the area of IT communication and support in processes of digital transformations to its clients. The company provides services for both central offices of global concerns and big Polish institutions, mainly from the motor, financial, commercial and pharmaceutic property industries. The registered office of the company is situated in Łódź, whereas commercial offices – in London, Paris and Gainesville (Florida and USA).


MakoLab was represented by Łódź department of Colliers during the talks concerning lease, whereas Warimpex was supported by CBRE in commercialization of Ogrodowa Office.


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