PHN sells properties

Polski Holding Nieruchomości informed about selling of 18 properties located in Warsaw.

PHN put up 18 historical mansions located in the Saska Kępa, Żoliborz Oficerski, Stary Mokotów districts as well as on the Kolonia Staszica housing estate for sale within the project. The sales offer is dedicated to small and medium companies which search for a convenient headquarters for their offices and also to private entities who would like to purchase a historical town house. All properties, which were put up for sale, are located in the neighborhood of a business and cultural center of Warsaw. Most of them are dated back to a pre-war period and they used to perform a function of diplomatic posts in recent years.


It is an offer for people who appreciate an intimate atmosphere and prestigious neighborhood of embassies, headquarters of diplomats as well as pre-war and private mansions, tenement houses and manor houses. We will individually look after the future purchasers and adjust a chosen property so that it would meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients – says Mateusz Matajewski, vice-chairman of the board in Polski Holding Nieruchomości SA.


The total value of those 18 properties available for sale amounts to ca. 100 million zlotys. It is worth mentioning that the sales program is one of the elements of the long-term PHN strategy which consists in realization of assets which do not fit the strategy or generate too low income. Hence, the received means are invested in projects which allow to obtain a higher return rate. The disinvestment program, which is run by PHN, concerns 82 properties with the total value amounting to ca. 480 million zlotys and which are not also related to a key business area of the partnership.  


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