New office in Adgar Park West

Adgar Park West - building D
Adgar Park West - building D
Adgar Group received a building permit concerning a new office within the Adgar Park West complex.

A new office structure – building D is going to be realized within the Adgar Park West complex which is located at Aleje Jerozolimskie in Warsaw. The project was devised in the Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci studio. The total area of the structure, which is going to be located in the southern part of the complex, will amount to 8361 sq. m. The office will be equipped with a 4-tier lobby with the highest climbing wall in Warsaw. Moreover, the ground floor will be dedicated to service and commercial tenants.


From the very beginning, we knew that the Adgar Park West complex will be a place offering much more than only office areas. Therefore, we decided to realize the AdgarFit sport and recreation zone within the project, which is going to be the first design of such type on the Polish market functioning within the office building. At present, we are implementing our vision of the office which is supposed to be alive all day – including weekends. We allow our users to develop their passions related to sport and healthy lifestyle. We would also like to be attractive for the surrounding inhabitants and societies of sportsmen in the whole Warsaw – hence, we wanted to realize a climbing wall in the lobby of our new building. All runners and bicyclists have been known us for a long time thanks to a modern and shining in the darkness track which surrounds Adgar Park West as well as free running and cycling trainings organized several times a week – comments Eyal Litwin, chairman in Adgar.


Building D was designed as a V-shaped structure which is going to have an expressive façade. Furthermore, characteristic architectural solutions will be applied in it. While devising the conception, we were concentrated on our vision of Adgar which included realization of a building in which all employees and even people from the outside could and want to spend their time. The structure offers attractively designed common areas, place for a café, restaurant or services, access to a natural sunlight as well as the aspect of uniqueness. This building will certainly be special thanks to a 4-tier lobby with a glass roof and climbing wall using the whole height of the hall – says Błażej Hermanowicz from Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci.


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