Bailout for ecological project

The Wrocław borough is preparing a project thanks to which all entities realizing their investments in the area of thermal efficiency improvement of a building or energy efficiency will be able to receive a bailout from the European Union.

The project titled Low-Emission Economy Program for Integrated Territorial Investments of the Wrocław Functional Area is co-financed from the means of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program. The functional area includes 15 boroughs, i.a. Wrocław – the entities of which may submit their participation in the program provided that they are planning realization of undertakings from the area of thermal efficiency improvement of structures, energy efficiency, usage of OZE and educational activities from the area of energy efficiency, renewable sources of energy, waste management, climate changes or saving of natural resources for which they would like to apply in order to obtain a bailout from the European Union in the competitions announced within the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program and Regional Operational Program for the Lower Silesia Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020.


For instance, the projects may concern the buildings’ insulation, replacement of window joinery and heating or lighting for more energetically effective ones. Moreover, the applications may concern the low-emission transport and installation of solar collectors, heating pumps or wind farms. Only the entities which are not connected with a local government may be the applicants – that is entrepreneurs, collectives, residential communities and natural persons (e.g. owners of houses).


The accession to the „Low-Emission Economy Plan” is obligatory for those who are planning to apply for means from the European Union up till 2020. The submission of an application does not guarantee the obtainment of a bailout. The projects will be selected in contests. The applications may be submitted on the website on a current basis till 2020. It is also necessary to give i.a. a name of an entity applying for a task or a planned scope of works during the registration.


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