Inhabitants of Wrocław vote on referendum

A local referendum will be held in the capital of Lower Silesia in September. The inhabitants of Wrocław will be asked about four issues – building of a metro, limitation of a motor traffic in the city center, organization of big events and…

There are few important issues for Wrocław which may be included in a referendum. They concern closer and further future of our city – says president of Wrocław Radał Dutkiewicz. – I would like to concentrate a social discussion around them and then ask the inhabitants of Wrocław about these questions in September.


The president of Wrocław would like to raise three subjects in the referendum. The first question will concern limitation of a car traffic in the city center due to environment protection. The no vehicular access of old cars to the centers of big cities stirs up numerous controversies. It is worth asking the inhabitants of Wrocław before a possible introduction of any changes in our city – comments Rafał Dutkiewicz.


The other issue will be concentrated around the organization of big cultural and sport events by Wrocław – for instance, The World Games 2017 or European Capital of Culture 2016. We would like to ask the inhabitants of Wrocław whether they want Wrocław to plan such events in the future – says president. – On the one hand, such events have a great influence on the increase in a tourist movement, knowledge and brand of the city on the international scale, but on the other hand – they are closely related to big financial liabilities. The negative answer of the inhabitants of Wrocław will cause that the city council is going to ask each time for a permit in a local referendum before starting realization of a big event in the city.


In the third question, the city is going to ask about building of a metro – is it worth applying for a building of a metro in Wrocław if there is a chance for some means from the European Union or central budget in the future.  


The fourth question is open to the inhabitants of Wrocław. I am waiting for your questions – says president of the city Rafał Dutkiewicz.


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