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Chopin Office in Cracow - planned investment of Warimpex
Mogilska Office - visualization
Christoph Salzer – regional director in Warimpex – believes that the European commercial property market is currently in a rapid growth stage. Thanks to low interest rates and increasing economy – it is becoming popular among investors. Moreover, the development is also expected in Poland.

According to regional director in Warimpex in Poland, the capital is still the most perspective option for investors, however, the importance of regional cities is systematically increasing. The prospects for the future are very interesting on all markets where we are actively functioning. We have a very dynamically developing markets in Germany and Austria and we also notice an upcoming boom in France – says Christoph Salzer. – Poland is also a very dynamically developing market, especially Warsaw. Moreover, there are also quite good prospects in regional cities, for instance – in Cracow, Katowice or Łódź.


The partnership is developing its activity on other markets of Central and Eastern Europe – that is in Hungary and Romania which are entering the re-development stage. The only problematic factor is a Russian hotel market where the prices for a room have drastically decreased due to decline in value of a ruble, however, their occupancy remained comparatively stable. The hotels located outside Russia, which are visited mainly by Russians and Ukrainians, have also lost on their value. The present boom on the property market and positive prognoses related to economic growth, which may be observed in some parts of the European countries, instil optimism when it comes to investors. According to the newest prognoses of the European Commission, the economy of the European Union will be developing in pace of 1,8 per cent – which is a higher prognosis in comparison to the one from before three months.


At present, Warimpex is planning a realization of other offices in Cracow – Chopin Office and Mogilska Office. The first of them will be located in close neighborhood of Rondo Mogilskiego in vicinity of Chopin Hotel and the second one not much further – at Mogilska Street. The completion dates of both realizations have been not settled yet.  


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