Computer incubator in NCŁ

NCŁ - second area of revitalization - visualization Bureau of City Architect
NCŁ - second area of revitalization - visualization Bureau of City Architect
A property located at Sienkiewicza Street in Łódź will be revitalized and intended for needs of an incubator for companies from the industry of computer games and mobile applications.

The entrepreneurship incubator situated in the neighborhood of Nowe Centrum Łodzi will hold premises equipped with infrastructure which is necessary to conduct business activities by companies from the sector of modern technologies. The area of the property located at Sienkiewicza 22 Street is developed by four buildings and it occupies over 2000 sq. m.


The main purpose of the incubator is to support development of newly founded companies and optimization of conditions for their activity as well as transfer of technology. The facilitation for small and medium companies will be a special offer of services such as: economic, financial, law, patent, organizational and technological consultancy; support in obtaining some financial means; providing of atmosphere for conducting a business activity and realization of innovative enterprises; facilitation of contacts with scientific institutions as well as business. 


The project of the entrepreneurship incubator will be complementary in relation to already started and planned activities: EC-1 Southern – East – Computer Game and Comic Book Center, EC-1 East – Motion Capture, projects of universities – ASP and PŁ.  


The value of the global market of computer games amounts to ca. 70 billion USD and it is increasing by 7 per cent annually. In Poland, the value of the computer game market totals 450 million USD. According to statistics, 12 million Poles play computer games and 30 per cent of them do it even several times a week.


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