STRABAG realizes a central office of Maspex Group

Office of Maspex Group - visualization
Office of Maspex Group - visualization
STRABAG became a general contractor of the office owned by Maspex Wadowice Group. The value of the contract amounts to ca. 30 million zlotys net.

STRABAG signed a contract with Maspex Wadowice Group, the value of which totals nearly 30 million zlotys net. It envisages that the office will be completed within 11 months on the area of a factory unit owned by a concern in Wadowice. The first works at realization of the structure started in June this year.


The headquarters of Maspex Group will be a six-tier solid composed of three modules in the shape of the letter U. The total area of the office will amount to ca. 8000 sq. m. Moreover, modern devices and finishing materials will be applied in the structure, including automatic blinds on elevations which regulate the access of light to the interiors, autonomic systems of intelligent steering of a lighting installation as well as ventilation and air conditioning. The freedom of arrangement will be provided by system of lifted floor, under which there will be all installations.   


As STRABAG concern, we know how important is to provide employees with comfortable work conditions. We decided to invest in building of a modern office complex several years ago. It has been a headquarters of the whole STRABAG Group in Poland since 2011. With hindsight, I may say that it is a path breaking step in a nearly 30-year-old history of our company – comments Alfrd Watzl, Member of the Board of STRABAG Sp. z o.o.


The investment which is being realized by STRABAG is situated on 3.5 ha area located at Chopin Street in Wadowice. The new building will arise in front of the foregoing headquarters. Both buildings will be connected by a glazed bridge which will be built directly above the road on the height of the first floor. The project will be ready in May 2016.


Maspex is one of the leaders on the market of fruits, nectars, drinks, pasta, jams, ketchups, sauces or instant products in the Central and Eastern Europe. The strategy is based on activation of known and appreciated brands. The company has conducted 17 takeovers – 9 foreign ones – within 25 years of its functioning on the market. The consolidated incomes from sales of Maspex Wadowice Group reached 3.3 billion zlotys in 2014. Maspex Wadowice Group owns such brands as Tymbark, Kubuś, Lubella, Łowicz, Krakus, Kotlin, Puchatek, Ekland, DecoMorreno, Cremona, La Festa and PLusssz. The products are delivered to over 50 countries all over the world.


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