Companies leasing tower cranes combine forces and debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Two companies which offer lease of tower cranes – PGMB Budopol SA and Corleonis – made a merger. Now they are considering further consolidation of the market, public issue of shares and debut on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Corleonis has been functioning on the Polish market of tower cranes since 2000. It has recently informed about purchase of shares owned by Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Maszynami Budownictwa Budopol SA with a headquarters in Mińsk Mazowiecki. The subject matter of the activity of the newly founded company is i.a. lease of machinery and construction devices as well as operator service.


The purchase of PGMB Budopol SA shares and position of the biggest shareholder of the company is an important step on the way to create a market leader – based on combined potential of Corleonis Sp. z o.o. SKA with PGMB Budopol – who is on the first place in respect of effectiveness and quality of provided services to clients. The investment in PGMB Budopol, which was followed after a thorough research of this company, confirmed me that the Mińsk company is a dream partner for Corleonis with whom we are able to create a new quality on the market of lease of tower cranes – analyses Arkadiusz Ertel, the owner of Corleonis and the biggest shareholder of PGMB Budopol as well as the owner of the majority package of shares owned by the company from Mińsk Mazowiecki.


Arkadiusz Ertel emphasizes that the merger of Corleonis and PGMB Budopol does not mean the lack of potential for further consolidation of the market which is supposed to be conducted around the mentioned companies. The negotiations with clients confirm us that there is a great demand for services of the highest level on the market which are provided by Corleonis and PGMB Budopol. We are carefully analyzing the market due to other canvassing, we treat it as an alternative for the limited creation of the group which is supposed to be a market leader in respect of shares on the market and quality of provided services – emphasizes Ertel.  


The entrepreneur claims that the next step in development of the Corleonis-PGMB Budopol Group may be its making public by entering on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The possible debut would be probably followed by issue of shares. The economic situation favors our industry, it is a good moment for laying foundations in order to expect a long-term increase. The obtainment of means from the capital market is one of analyzed ideas by us on financing the increase. Taking a positive result into consideration, we may offer a chance for partnership in our project for market investors in 2016 – judges Ertel.


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