STRABAG builds headquarters of TRUMPF

New headquarters of TRUMPF Poland
New headquarters of TRUMPF Poland
STRABAG enterprise started building of an office and service structure in Warsaw. It will be a headquarters of TRUMPF Poland.

A contract signed between STRABAG and TRUMPF concerns general contracting of an office and service structure in which there will be a headquarters of the enterprise functioning in the area of advanced technologies of processing of sheeting and laser technique. The value of the contract amounts to 16.5 million zlotys net. The construction works will be completed in April 2016.


The investment is located in the Warsaw Bemowo district at Połoczyńska Street close the former Poznań route. The scope of works started by STRABAG includes construction of a two-tier structure with the cubature amounting to over 17 000 m3. There will be an exhibition zone on the ground floor of the building with a display hall as well as office and conference part. The other office rooms and meeting halls with a courtyard which lights them and green garden were situated on the first floor. A car park with area exceeding 1700 sq. m is envisaged around the building.  


TRUMPF is a producer of machines for plastic processing of sheeting such as laser cutter for 2D and 3D processing, hammer cutters, press breaks or power tools. The company also offers automation of warehouse and software systems, laser welding systems, systems for brazing, hardfacing and laser marking. The company's history dates back to the twenties of the XXth c. when it was founded by Christian Trumpf in German Ditzingen city near Stuttgart where there is its main registered office now.   


TRUMPF Group owns several dozen of daughter companies and over 12 000 employees all over the world, i.a. in Germany, Austria, China, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Indie, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland or USA.


TRUMPF Poland has been functioning for over 10 years. At present, it rents rooms in the Łopuszańska Business Park office in Warsaw. A decision about building of its own headquarters was made several years ago. The author of the development plan and conception defining basic architectural assumptions and functional as well as use solutions of the building is Barkow Leibinger with a headquarters in Berlin.  


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