Poland – new member of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Membership of Poland in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) will have a positive influence on development of cooperation between Poland and Asia. It will certainly create new business opportunities for Polish companies.

On 25th August 2015, the Council of Ministers issued a permit for concluding a contract concerning entering of Poland to AIIB which will have a founding capital amounting to 100 billion euro. The list of the biggest shareholders of the bank includes China, India and Russia which have respectively 30 per cent, 4.5 per cent and almost 6 per cent of shares. It is worth mentioning that Poland will be the only country from Central and Eastern Europe which will be participating in this project. The contribution of Poland to AIIB will amount to 830 million dollars.


The Polish relations with Asia and China have been treated as priority in Polish foreign policy for several years. Therefore, the fact of entering to AIIB has a geostrategic meaning for our country. It is a sign of pragmatism of Polish politics and complementation of our participation in other international institutions – comments minister Kacperczyk. – The membership in this project will be also an element of building a favorable political atmosphere in relations with Asia – adds. The main goals of the bank envisage development of projects in the area of railway, road, water and communication infrastructure. They are compliant with international strategy adopted by China "One Belt. One Road" concerning reconstruction of so called Silk Road.


A benefit resulting from the membership of Poland in the process of co-creation of AIIB is that native companies have an opportunity to join infrastructural projects which are being realized within the strategy called "One Belt. One Road". According to deputy minister of finances Artur Radziwiłł, chances of access to undertakings will be the same for Polish enterprises as well as Asian companies. Taking construction boom in China into account, it is the industry which may benefit from the membership of Poland in AIIB through realization of projects supported by the bank.


In order to support Polish enterprises on the Asian market, a special unit was constituted at the Embassy of Poland in China. It will be responsible for cooperation with AIIB. Moreover, Polish companies may benefit from a new instrument of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego – Foreign Expansion Fund. The contract between Poland and AIIB is supposed to be signed till the end of 2015.


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