Immofinanz builds in Poland

Austrian developer is planning to realize significant investments in the country, e.g. on the area of Empark or at Warszawa Główna railway station.

Immofinanz introduced its plans concerning expansion on the native market, which include e.g. investments on the area of Empark or at Warszawa Główna railway station. In the first case, the developer is going to change the function of existing structures, demolish them and build new ones. It is a huge investment which will be realized by our company in the nearest time – says Jacek Wesołowski, country manager development, Immofinanz Group Poland. Moreover, so called district investment at Warszawa Główna railway station envisages creation of multifunctional structures. This project is one of the most important undertakings of the company due to its size as well as area which is going to be occupied. District investments – just like the planned investment at Warszawa Główna railway station where multifunctional structures will be realized, that is not only trade, but also offices, hotel and apartments – are such formats where we want to be present – says Jacek Wesołowski. Immofinanz is also planning building of new commercial structures on the area of the whole country, e.g. within the Stop.Shop network.


Diversified investments of the developer result from the necessity of adjustment of the project to location where it is supposed to be realized – a proper and needed structure for a particular local society. We are present in all formats and we are trying to adjust ourselves to each city – comments Jacek Wesołowski.


Immofinanz is present in Austria, Germany, Poland as well as Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. The native market is currently the largest investment area for the company. These are longitudinally investments in some cases. For instance, the investments in Empark or at Warszawa Główna may be realized even for the period of 10 years – emphasizes Jacek Wesołowski. It all depends on the pace of negotiations in the city and whether we will be able to communicate each other about a development plan. Only time will tell. Our company is one of the most powerful players in Europe and thus financial means are not a problem for us. This kind of an investment advantage we would like to use – adds Wesołowski.


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