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Bellona Publishing House
At present, Ghelamco is conducting works at realization of the former building of Bellona Publishing House. The structure will be joined with the area of European Square.

At present, Ghelamco is conducting works at renovation of the former building of Bellona Publishing House. All windows in the four-floor building have been exchanged so far, whereas finishing works at renovation of the elevation are currently being conducted. The cost of the investment has already amounted to nearly 3 million zlotys.


The renovation of interiors is planned on the following months. The floors and stairs are to be refreshed under the preservationist. The main entrance as well as reception will be thoroughly restored. New and enriched lightening and renewal of all corridors, halls and staircases are planned in the building. Premises with service functions will be launched on the ground floor, whereas office rooms will be located on floors. The whole building will be joined with European Square. The completion of the investment related to renovation of Bellona is planned on this year.


Bellona is located in close proximity to our investments and thus we decided to restore the building its former glory and integrate it into green background of European Square. Bellona will maintain its office and service functions and we will take care about its nearest surrounding – we are going to renovate adjacent pavements as well as car park, and we are going to plant trees and shrubs. Thanks to renovation, the building will perfectly suit the existing structure of the city and surrounding – sums up Jarosław Zagórski, Chairman of Commerce and Development, Ghelamco Poland.


Bellona is located at the crossroads of Towarowa and Grzybowska Streets and it was founded in the years 1949-1958 for the purpose of Wojskowe Zakłady Graficzne. The building is partially signed into the register of monuments. Such elements of architecture as northern, southern and western elevation, hall of the ground floor and main staircase are under the aegis of the preservationist. Only these fragments were maintained in the original condition.


In spite of conducted works, tenants are constantly working in Bellona. Ghelamco does not plan any investments related to the building, however, the present spatial development plan allows to build 140-meter-high skyscraper on Bellona. At present, the company is concentrated on realization of other projects at Daszyńskiego roundabout. Works at such projects as Wronia 31 and Sienna Towers, which will jointly offer 120 000 sq. m of office area, have already been started. Moreover, the investor is completing realization of Warsaw Spire (more than 100 000 sq. of office area) and European Square, the opening of which is envisaged on May 2016.


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