ECO Office X of Tensor complex with new tenants

Office X of Tensor complex
First tenants moved into the first office of the complex owned by EURO STYL. Other tenants will rent areas soon.

First tenants moved into the first office of Tensor complex – building X commissioned in January this year. Offices of such companies as Maersk, Best and Thai Union operate in the building. At present, works at preparation of office space for other tenants, that is PPG and Loconi Intermodal are currently being conducted. Additionally, developer of the investment – EURO STYL – opened one of its sales offices on the ground floor of the building.


Moreover, external infrastructure was created next to the second office of Tensor – building Y. It consists in internal networks with terminals as well as route set with pavements and car parks. At present, finishing works in internal joint parts and space rented by ADVA are being conducted. In the last structure – Tensor Z – shell building is being realized. According to Director of the Project Marcin Pacek, completion of this stage of building is planned on August this year.


Tensor complex is being realized at Łużycka 8 Street in Gdynia in close proximity to Szybka Kolej Miejska (Redłowo) and planned Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway Station (Stadium). The total leased area in the complex will amount to 19 750 sq. m, including 4960 sq. m delivered by office X, 8190 sq. m delivered by office Y, and 6600 sq. m delivered by office Z. Tenants will have 450 parking places at their disposal. The complex will be awarded BREEAM certificate at least at the Very Good level. The exclusive agent responsible for commercialization of Tensor is international consulting company JLL.


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