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New lease contract in C200 Office
Synevo Central Lab will move into C200 Office in the fourth quarter of 2016
Chain of Synevo Central Lab signed a lease agreement for more than 500 sq. m in C200 Office located in Gdańsk. The company will move into its new office in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Synevo Central Lab rented space on two levels of the Gdańsk office. The highest floors will be occupied by offices, whereas the level -1 will be intended for specialized space enabling delivery, preparation and storage of sets for receipt of clinic materials and archiving of samples. The total lease contract concerns more than 500 sq. m.


It is worth pointing out that more and more of our clients are dynamically developing companies which want to relate their future with Tricity. We are glad that entities that search for highly specialized personnel want to conduct their business activity in this place, contributing to economic growth of the region. We are also very proud about the fact that Synevo Central Lab was able to notice the potential of C200 Office and trusted us – says Mikołaj Konopka, Vice-President of EURO STYL.


Synevo Central Lab is an international chain delivering laboratory and logistic services for pharmaceutic companies which introduce new healing substances. The company has its factories in such countries as Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Serbia, Moldavia, Georgia and Turkey.


C200 Office is situated at the crossroads of Jana z Kolna (John Scolvus) and Marynarki Polskiej Streets. The structure was revitalized by EURO STYL in 2016. The building has 1 undeground and 7 aboveground tiers. The total leased area amounts to ca. 17 500 sq. m. C200 Office has many facilitations for tenants such as fitness, showers, changing rooms and lockers for bicyclists or screens informing about the departure of trams. Developer of EURO STYL was represented by experts of JLL during the lease transaction.


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