SkyRes Warszawska becomes more and more filled with tenants

SkyRes Warszawska
SkyRes Warszawska
The office commissioned in December last year in Rzeszow – SkyRes Warszawska – is being filled with tenants.

Offices of first tenants – PwC, Rzeszow department of Polish Space Agency and developer of Developres – have been operating in SkyRes Warszawska since March this year. Vorwerk Poland, in turn, will move into the building in June.


SkyRes Warszawska – a building commissioned in December last year – is the first large-size office building class A on the market in Rzeszow. It is situated in a well-communicated part of Rzeszow next to the city center at the crossroads of Warszawska and Lubelska Streets. SkyRes Warszawska is composed of 14 tiers and it offers almost 20 000 sq. m of rentable area. There is a modern underground car park with 211 parking places for cars, 105 stands for bicycles as well as changing rooms and showers for bicyclists and points for charging electric cars at tenants' disposal. The project of SkyRes Warszawska was devised in 3D Architekci Sp. z o.o. studio.


Developres is a family company, which is totally based on the Polish capital. It was founded in 2006. The business activity of the company is concentrated on a complex preparation of investment projects for the residential industry. A decision about extending the activity of Developres on the market of modern office areas was made in 2012, the result of which is the commencement of building SkyRes Warszawska.


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