ECO New office in Wrocław

Sagittarius Business House
Sagittarius Business House – it is the name of the newest office project of Echo Investment in Wrocław.

Sagittarius Business House – it is the name of the newest office project of Echo Investment, which is being realized at the crossroads of Borowska and Sucha Streets in Wrocław. We have already obtained a permit for building and development of railway infrastructure. We are finishing the preparatory works and conducting talks with PKP. According to the plan, the building will be completed at the end of 2017 – says Marek Chmielewski, Project Manager in Office and Hotel Department of Echo Investment.


Sagittarius Business House is being realized in front of the other office realized by Echo Investment – Aquarius Business House. There are numerous service points, office buildings, Arkady Wrocławskie shopping mall, bus and railway stations in close neighborhood of the investment. This modern office building class A will offer 24 000 sq. m of leased area. The project was devised in the Arcad architectural studio in Kielce, which also designed a representative square with greenery and elements of small architecture within the investment. All enthusiasts of single-track vehicles will have stands for bicycles as well as changing rooms and drying rooms at their disposal. The building will be certified in the BREEAM system and equipped with e.g. access control system, fast elevators, energy-saving HVAC system, regulation of temperature, suspended ceilings, raised floors and eco-friendly lighting. The general contractor of the shell building is Porr Poland Construction SA.


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