Office owned by Piotr i Paweł is ready

Office owned by Piotr i Paweł (pic press materials)
Nearly 200 employees of a renowned chain of supermarkets will soon start to work in a new office building in Poznań.

Nearly 200 employees of the chain of supermarkets Piotr i Paweł will soon start to work in a new office building located at Druskienicka Street in the Poznań Podolany district. According to the contract with Piotr i Paweł concluded in June last year, we were supposed to realize the investment within the general execution by the end of the third quarter of 2016. Thanks to a successful – and even ideal – cooperation with the representatives of this chain, we have built the new office three months before its planned completion. The building was finished in May and we handed it over to the investor on 23rd June after a fail-safe receipt. It was a big honor for us to conduct the investment for one of the most recognizable brands in Poland – says Michal Nickel, Chairman of PTB Nickel.


The new headquarters of Piotr i Paweł is a 4-tier building of the size amounting to 4100 sq. m. Except for offices, the project of Dementi architectural office includes reception, technical rooms, auxiliary rooms, e.g. server rooms, kitchenettes, sanitaria, wardrobes as well as conference rooms on the second floor.


The biggest asset of the building is a simple, modern and extremely aesthetic elevation made in the form of a ventilated elevation finished with pewter ceramic plates and pilasters from aluminum creamy plates. There is also a special cutting on the elevation which includes modernly equipped conference rooms. Its additional element is also subtle and conspicuous lighting – lighting inside and around the building was selected by the investor. We built a terrace with a glazed railing with a beautiful view of Poznań and Suchy Las on the roof, which will certainly become one of the favorite relaxation zones for people working there – explains Filip Siudziński, Project Manager of PTB Nickel. 


Next to the building owned by Piotr i Paweł, PTB Nickel also built the whole technical infrastructure on the plot of the size amounting to more than 6600 sq. m: nearly 4000 sq. m of access roads and pavements, including 100 aboveground parking places, transformation station as well as internal sanitary, electric and teletechnical chains.


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