ECO Cornerstone laying ceremony in Olivia Star

Olivia Star
A cornerstone laying ceremony of the next stage of Olivia Business Center – Olivia Star – was held on 30th June this year.

A cornerstone laying ceremony of the next stage of Olivia Business CenterOlivia Star – was held on 30th June this year. We would like Olivia Star to become a new symbol and a source of great pride for Gdańsk, Tricity and the whole Pomerania region – says Maciej Grabski, Chairman of Olivia Business Center, during the opening speech. Shape of this building will refer to the architecture of the adjacent structure – Hala Olivia. It is a place where the first convention of Solidarność was held. It is a place where the word "Community" was said in many languages to the nations of Europe. Finally, it is a place where the first Festival of True Song was held in Eastern Europe. Thanks to such form of referring to the architecture of Hala Olivia, we would like to say that although we are younger and stronger – Olivia Star is a high-rise building after all – we are continuing the work of our fathers and grandfathers – adds Grabski.


The cornerstone laying ceremony was also a symbolic word of thanks to Kashubians for their contribution in development of Tricity – pillars of the new building are decorated with Kashubian patterns.


The office market in Tricity practically did not exist at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. Nowadays, it is estimated at more than 600 000 sq. m of space, thanks to which we are in the cutting edge of regional markets in Poland. Undoubtedly, it has an impact on bigger and bigger investment attractiveness of the region and thus establishment of new companies as well as creation of new work places. I am glad that Olivia Business Center and the highest building in the region – Olivia Star, which proudly emphasizes the potential of this place, are among them. It is not only a work place for thousands of people or high quality of office areas but also a space of social, cultural and educational meetings with the idea of supporting companies that start their business activity – says Mieczyslaw Struk, Marshall of Pomeranian Voivodeship.


Olivia Star will be a 180-meter-high building, which makes it the highest office in the region of northern Poland. It will be realized between Olivia Four and Olivia Six so that it could close the ring around the internal and public patio with greenery and fountains. The new building of Olivia Business Center will extend its offered office space from 73 000 sq. m to almost 120 000 sq. m. There will be also a 3-tier underground garage in the office. It will be one out of 3 buildings in Poland with triple whole-glazed facade, and – interestingly – there will be specially designed systems of natural ventilation on all office floors, which will make that comfort of work in Olivia Star will be incomparable higher than in all currently built skyscrapers. It will be possible thanks to an innovative facade, which was designed and studied by us in Germany – says Maciej Kotarski, Lease Director of Olivia Business Center. The building was also surveyed in respect of acoustics, and it will be certified in the ecological BREEAM system at the Excellent level. Olivia Star has already been commercialized in around 30 per cent – adds Kotarski. First tenants of the structure will move into their new offices in spring 2017.


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