Progress at construction site – Porto Office B

Porto Office B - construction site (pic Porto Office)
Porto Office B - construction site
The reinforced concrete construction of the building which is currently being realized in the Krakow Dębniki district has already been completed in 95 per cent. We also know what kind of works will be conducted in the nearest future.

Realization of the whole construction of Porto Office B will be completed by the end of July. The scope of works which are to be conducted in the nearest week includes: performance of the last part of the roof. What is more, works related to performance of brick walls, plastering, or performance of thermal isolation in the hall of the underground garage are currently being conducted. Works on the elevation as well as installation works (electric, water and sewerage, or ventilation installations) will be commenced in the following weeks.


As a target, the investment will be composed of two office buildings (Porto Office A and Porto Office B) class A. The building of Porto Office B was commenced in December 2015. Except for office space, the investment will also offer commercial and service areas to its tenants. Porto Office B is situated in the Krakow Dębniki district at Zielińskiego Street. Interestingly, a big-sized park (more than 60 ha) is to be realized on the area of the Zakrzówek dam adjacent to the investment in the nearest future. It will be an added value to the office investment. Zarząd Zieleni Miejskiej of the City Hall of Krakow is currently in cooperation with Stowarzyszenie Architektów Polskich (the Association of Polish Architects); they are conducting international urban and architectural contest on devising a program and spatial concept of this park.


The four-tier Porto Office B building is being realized as the first one. Its shape in the letter L will offer 5500 sq. m of space, whereas Porto Office A of the size amounting to more than 7000 sq. m will be realized within the second stage. It will be prepared on the rectangle plan with the internal green patio. The complex will offer 115 parking places, the great majority of which will be located in the underground garage. This investment was registered as a candidate for LEED Gold. Tenants will move into Porto Office B in March 2017. The architectural design of the complex was prepared in the Krakow IMB Asymetria studio.


Both investor and developer of the design is Porto Office B Sp. z o.o. with a headquarters in Krakow. The company was founded by Portuguese entrepreneurs and it specializes in projects located on the area of Portugal, Brazil or Spain. Knight Frank is responsible for the commercialization process.


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