Polish Office Market Map – Krakow

Bronowice Business Center 9
Are you looking for a new office in Krakow? We would like to present you some buildings situated in the capital of Little Poland, which offer modern office space.

The increasing number of modern offices is an evident phenomenon in all Polish cities. While walking around the city in the spring period we can admire not only the greenery, which is waking up to live, but also the true “bloom” of office buildings. We would like to present you some Krakow investments which offer modern office space.


Bronowice Business Center 9


Bronowice Business Center is a complex comprising of three modern office and retail buildings class A of the total size amounting to more than 26 000 sq. m. It is situated at Jasnogórska Street in the north-western part of Krakow. Bronowice Business Center 9 is a part of this complex. This 5-tier office provides 12 000 sq. m of space class A. The great assets of the building are: location (Jasnogórska Street is a very important element of the Krakow's communication network), spacious rooms with high ceilings of great arrangement potential, or access to a large amount of daylight. The office is characterized by modern architecture; its form is simple and homogeneous, with strongly accented entrances. The building is being executed by MIX Biura.  




CHB14 will soon be ready for welcoming its first tenants. This building is being erected in the dynamically developing part of Krakow at Christo Botewa 14 Street. The location constitutes one of its assets because it allows for a convenient relocation from different parts of Krakow by own means of transport as well as public communication. The office is situated in close proximity to the Bieżanów hub on the A4 highway, which provides a perfect connection with southern Poland. CHB14 offers ca. 4213 sq. m of office space within the floors 1-5. The ground floor of the building, except for a lobby, offers rentable areas for the purpose of a gastronomic premises, or service and retail premises. Additionally, all tenants will be provided with a number of parking spaces in the underground garage.


Green Office Center


The building of Green Office Center (G.O. Center), which is situated at Walerego Sławka Street, was completed last year. The building was erected in the neighbourhood of Bonarka for Business. It is owned by Havre Group and it will offer 4670 sq. m of office space class A. Green Office Center has 7 aboveground tiers as well as 1 underground tier with the garage. A typical size of each floor amounts to 676 sq. m of usable space designed in the open space system with the opportunity of adjusting them to free arrangement, depending on client’s needs. Green Office Center is characterized by a glazed elevation in the form of aluminium vertical razor blades, which refers to functional modernism. Biuro Projektowe INDO is responsible for its design. The office has interesting architecture and many solutions were applied in accordance with the principle of sustainable construction.  


Kalwaryjska 33 


A new office and retail building – Kalwaryjska 33 – will be commissioned this year. The building is situated in one of the strongly developing districts of Krakow, that is Podgórze. The office will offer ca. 3550 sq. m of leasable space in total. It will comprise of five aboveground tiers and one underground tier. Kalwaryjska 33 is situated in place of the former garden shop. The past of the plot inspired the authors of the design to make greenery a leitmotif. A central point will be a tree spreading on all tiers of the building. Additionally, the plants will be placed on each floor of the office (there will be, for instance, flowers in pots, or atrium with a living green wall).


Moon Office


Moon Office is situated at Rondo Grunwaldzkie in the city center of Krakow. The building is being erected in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction. There will be ecologic and cost-efficient exploitation solutions applied in the office. The building will provide places for charging electric and hybrid cars as well as parking spaces and a number of facilities for bicyclists. The confirmation of high quality of the building is LEED Platinum certificate. Each floor will offer space from 900 sq. m to 1123 sq. m, which will allow for discretion in respect of further divisions, interior design, or functional solutions for tenants. A distinguishing factor of Moon Office as well as aesthetical crowning of the entirety will be a floor covered with natural greenery.


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