Porto – official opening

Porto Office in Krakow is now officially opened. An event which inaugurated the commissioning of the first stage was held on a green patio next to the building on sunny Monday afternoon.

A lot of events have recently took place in Porto Office. In April, the investors obtained a use permit for the first stage of the complex, that is building B. Some time later, the first tenants moved into their new offices and the official opening of building B was held yesterday. It is a small project which is realized in human scale. It is to provide maximum comfort of work as well a chance of relaxation in the surrounding of greenery – said Chairman of the Board, Eduardo Reis, during the inauguration speech.

As it has already been mentioned, the first tenants have already moved into the office. However, the complex which is being realized by Portuguese investors still offers available office space for rent. The finishing works are still being conducted on certain floors in order to prepare space which is to be handed to other tenants within the nearest weeks.

Porto Office is being erected in picturesque surroundings. It is situated in the Bielany-Tyniec Landscape Park in the Krakow’s Dębniki district. Park Zakrzówek is to be realized in the neighborhood of the office in 2018. Such green surroundings is really rare among office buildings. Interestingly, it is also well-connected by public communication.

As a target, the investment will comprise of two office buildings. The 4-tier Porto Office B, which offers nearly 5600 sq. m, was erected as the first one. The building was designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and it will soon be granted LEED certificate at the Gold level. The second phase of the complex includes Porto Office A of the size amounting to more than 7100 sq. m. The aboveground works have already been commenced. It will be a slightly larger building, which is designed on the plan of a rectangle with an internal green patio. The commissioning is planned on the second quarter of 2018. The entire complex was designed in the vein of sustainable development – it will be green and energy-saving. The competitive advantage is provided by a number of innovative solutions in the area of applied materials, energy consumption, or ways for promotion of healthy lifestyle and encouragement of future employees to conscious benefitting from eco-friendly solutions – said Monika Sułdecka-Karaś, Knight Frank, during the inauguration.


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