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Światowe Dni Młodzieży (the World Youth Day) will be soon held in Krakow. The event will have an impact on the traffic in the city. We provide you with the information of MPK and ZIKiT on functioning of communication during this particular period.

All changes in organization of public communication, including reorganization of schedules of MPK, will be in force on 23rd July and they will last till 3rd August. Travelling around the city can be easier thanks to preparation of corridor roads of tram and bus lines. These lines will connect far-flung areas of the city and they will run every 3-4 minutes.


Public communication will run more frequently during the World Youth Day than usually in the summer period. There will be additional bus lanes and travelers will be provided with 250 trams and 580 buses. The city suggested introduction of a ticket enabling transport during 6 days for 15 zlotys so to encourage passengers to use means of public transport. The ticket will be valid within the city and agglomeration routes during 26th-31st July. Additionally, travelling around the city should be easier thanks to the already finished renovations of streets (removing of the surface structure and laying of a new one on the same surface was conducted in 27 streets in Krakow).


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Information related to the traffic during the World Youth Day in Krakow can be found on the website of Zarząd Infrastruktury Komunalnej i Transportu (the Board of Communal Infrastructure and Transportation) in Krakow ( in the bookmarker ŚDM 2016. The available information includes the list of streets closed to automobile traffic as well as those where the traffic organization will be changed. All inhabitants who would like to know what admission ticket they should have in order to travel around the available zones can contact a special hotline: 12 616 86 06.


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