Department in Gdańsk – the biggest department in the EMEA region

Department of State Street in the Gdańsk Alchemia complex
Department of State Street in the Gdańsk Alchemia complex
The Polish office is the biggest department of State Street Corporation in the EMEA region. The company hires 3000 employees in the whole country, including 400 employees who work in Alchemia situated in Gdańsk.

It is a great success for us. Dynamical development of the office in Krakow, which initially hired 72 employees and which has obtained a status of the biggest department of State Street in Europe within 9 years, was possible mainly thanks to engagement and work of our talented personnel – says Scott Newman, Managing Director of State Street Bank Poland.


State Street hires nearly 30 000 people in the whole world. However, the company has been developing its operations in Poland since 2007. Initially, State Street was mainly concentrated on Krakow, however, the new office was opened in March this year to enhance the employment potential and development of the business activity. The choice fell on Alchemia in Gdańsk. Team in Gdańsk is composed of 400 people and it is the biggest department of State Street Corporation in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). State Street Bank rented the whole office tower in the Alchemia complex for the purpose of the new office, which can hold even to 1700 employees.


We have been observing dynamical development of our partner with great satisfaction and we congratulate State Street sincerely. Due to its scale and character, State Street in Gdańsk is of special importance to the whole agglomeration. It is a great success for decision makers and representatives of many entities, especially local ones engaged in this project from the very beginning. Thus, there are hundreds of new attractive working places and Tricity definitely enhanced its position on the national map of the sector of modern services for business. This investment has also had a big impact on the Tricity office market and it attracted not only the environment of developers but also institutional investors – comments Sławomir Gajewski, Chairman of the Board of Torus.


State Street is a leader in the service of "mutual funds" and "collective funds" in Europe. Moreover, 70 per cent of the funds are serviced in Poland.


Alchemia is a business complex which is being realized in Gdańsk and whose developer is Torus. The first stage of the investment was commissioned in December 2013 and it delivered 16 700 sq. m of office space to the market. The second stage was commissioned in October 2015 and it delivered nearly 22 000 sq. m. At present, the realization of the third stage, which is to be composed of 14 aboveground tiers, is currently being conducted. This structure will be the biggest detached office in northern Poland and its total gross leasable area (GLA) will amount to nearly 39 000 sq. m. The completion of the building is planned on the third quarter of 2017. The designer of Alchemia is APA Wojciechowski Architekci from Warsaw.


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