It is high time to go to the underground

Visualization of Unity Center in Krakow
Visualization of Unity Center in Krakow
The reconstruction of the skeleton was banned due to the World Youth Day which was held in Krakow in July this year. According to "Gazeta Krakowska", the further demolition is about to start this month and it will be continued under the ground.

Works at reconstruction of the skeleton started at the end of March and the building will be named Unity Tower. The lower part has already been demolished, the reinforced concrete elements in the western and southern parts have been pulled down and other demolitions have also been performed so far. The collection of the steel construction started from northern part and cleaning of the area was also performed. According to "Gazeta Krakowska", the next stage of the investment will be performed in the underground construction, that is on the level -2. At present, preparations to these works have already been commenced. However, it is necessary to reinforce the foundations under the tower, which is related to the selection of the general contractor. As "Gazeta Krakowska" points out, the co-owner of the building is to select the main general contractor of the Unity Center complex and the new office on the construction of the skeleton.


The skeleton is situated in close proximity to Mogilskie Roundabout in Krakow and it will be soon replaced by Unity Center. It will be a multifunctional complex with 5 buildings, including the highest building in Krakow – Unity Tower. Unity Center will be composed of office and service buildings as well as residential building. The realization of Unity Center was divided into at least two stages. The first of them (which can be additionally phased) will consist in realization of the following buildings: Unity Tower, University Office and Unity Residence. The second stage (which can be also phased) will consist in realization of such structures as Western Office Building and Eastern Office Building. The completion of the totality is planned on the second half of 2018.


The building of the skeleton started in 1975, however, the investment was stopped due to economic reasons. The uncompleted building was called skeleton and it has been an uninteresting business card of Krakow for many years.


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