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Summing-up of the first six months of 2016 on the Polish investment market (source: CBRE)
Summing-up of the first six months of 2016 on the Polish investment market (source: CBRE)
No crucial impact of BREXIT was observed on the Polish investment market. Investors are not afraid of political or economic turmoil and the market maintains dynamical development.

The Polish investment market maintains dynamical development. The total volume of investments in commercial properties amounted to more than 2 billion euro in the first six months of the year. This result constitutes 2.5 increase in activity of investors in comparison to the analogical period in the previous year.


We have not noticed a crucial impact of BREXIT or political uncertainty on the Polish investment market so far. However, these subjects are not discussed very often and used as reasons for eventual delays in the process of conducting a transaction. It is worth mentioning that short-term prognoses concerning economic development were reconsidered in Europe and they can have a direct impact on the investment market. The situation should be better and the economy should still develop, including Poland. Due to many transactions in progress, we expect that the second half of the year will be very active – says Przemysław Felicki, Director of Capital Market Department, CBRE.


The interest of investors is noticeable in all sectors of the market. The biggest participation – 48 per cent (1 billion euro) – in the total investment volume was recorded by the commercial sector. The second place is occupied by the office sector with the result of 40 per cent (0.8 billion euro). Nearly 60 per cent of transactions in the total volume of this segment concerned the office sector on the regional markets in Poland. The smallest number of transactions was related to warehouse structures. This sector gained 12 per cent of the participation in the volume and the value of transactions amounted to 0.25 billion euro.


According to the report "Poland Investment MarketView H1 2016" prepared by CBRE, the activity on the investment market in the first six months of 2016 was dominated by one corporation transaction. It constituted 44 per cent of the total volume and thus it became the biggest single transaction on the Polish market.


The upward tendency is maintained by capitalization rates in practically all sectors. They are estimated at the level of 5.50 per cent for the best office buildings in Warsaw, and 6.25 per cent for the regional cities.


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