Kinnarps Atelier in Szczecin – opening

Do you want to talk about arrangement of interiors and get to know competences of Kinnarps concerning the work environment of the future? Visit the new showroom of the company which is opened in the office complex Storrady Park Offices.

Kinnarps opened a new showroom in Poland in the newly established office complex Storrady Park Offices, which is situated in Szczecin. Atelier of Kinnarps in Szczecin is a place where everyone can talk about furnishings of interiors and concepts devised by Kinnarps on the work environment of the future, which are present in the Next Office headwork.


The idea for establishing Atelier Kinnarps in Szczecin is a response to the needs of dynamically changing market. We are going to present solutions combining design and ergonomics in a small area and to inspire our guests and clients by presenting them new trends which are to be found in work space. Moreover, we are to create a friendly place for valuable business relations – says Monika Pietrzak, Sales Director in the western region.


Although opening of a showroom by Kinnarps in Szczecin was held in October this year, the company has been present in the region for many years. It realized projects of different scale in every modern office in Szczecin as well as in the neighboring industrial zones in the previous years. The examples are: Coloplast, DGS, BIC Electric, Garo and Prime Cargo.


Not only Scandinavian companies feel comfortable in Szczecin but also other enterprises invest in this region. Kinnarps – as a Swedish company – is a part of the environment which cooperates and supports each other and thus it constitutes a natural choice for investors from north. We have many clients here and we would like to develop together with them – says Michał Ross, Senior Project Coordinator, responsible for service of clients in Szczecin and in the neighborhood.


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