Kupiec with a new office

(pic pixabay)
(pic pixabay)
Kupiec finalized a sale contract for 5.38 million zlotys concerning office situated in Tarnów. The office areas of the purchased property will be for hire or used for own purposes of the company.

In July this year we mentioned about signage of the preliminary sale contract concerning office in Tarnów (see more: Kupiec buys a new office in Tarnów), and now we can talk about its finalization. Kupiec SA is a company recorded on the NewConnect market. It operates in the industry of transport and forwarding trade. The company concluded a sale contract of perpetual usufruct right to the office situated in Tarnów in the form of notarial deed (the total area of the plots amounts to 0.1817 ha) as well as property right to the four-tier office (the usable area of the building amounts to 2913 sq. m). The total value of these transactions amounts to more than 5 378 000 sq. m, 4 300 000 sq. m of which are granted in the form of investment credit to the issuer. Kupiec SA is to intend a part of office space for its own purposes, whereas the remaining parts are to be intended for hire on the free market.


The company has been renting office space within its business activity for years spending annually tens of thousands of zlotys. Due to the upcoming purchase occasion, I decided that we should end with it. The obtainment of our own office is to change the costs borne for rents into an added value of the company, especially that the purchased property will be rented by three big entities: bank, BVT SA and Kupiec SA, which means that the total usable space has already been rented in 93.5 per cent. Kupiec is not planning to rent the premises on its own, of course, but the amount of rent was included in the estimates of profitability of the investment, which would be borne just like in the previous years by paying to other owner of office space. I am an enthusiast of calm investments and this one meets these criteria. We have solid basis thanks to three tenants and each additionally rented sq. m contributes to increase in profits – says Leszek Wróblewski, Chairman of the Board of Kupiec.        


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