TomTom - new office

Agraf B in Łódź - new office of TomTom
The opening ceremony of Agraf B in Łódź was held yesterday. The building is a new headquarters of TomTom (TOM2), which is to be an inspiring space for the increasing engineering department.

Not only the representatives of local authorities, but also the media and the employees of companies, who had a chance to know both technologies and products made by the engineers in Łódź, participated in the ceremonial opening of Agraf B.


Łódź is a strategic center for devising maps and geolocalization technologies to TomTom. The opening of the new office emphasizes the importance of the developing engineering center in Łódź for the company. TomTom is a leader in devising solutions which are necessary for the market implementation of the technologies of intelligent cities and vehicles operated by the computer.


Today’s opening of the new office shows how crucial the engineering center in Łódź is for TomTom. We believe that the new office is to inspire our experts to further fantastic works on devising technologies and location services, which are necessary to devising maps, navigations and automatically driven cars – says Alain De Taeye, Member of the Board of TomTom.


The team in Łódź is composed of highly qualified engineers, computer programmers and IT specialists, who have specialist knowledge in the area of data processing, geodesy and linguistics. We are working on solutions which will be commonly used in the future. We are creating software and technologies for autonomic vehicles and intelligent cities. If someone is interested in finding a company which favors creativity and enables constant development, TomTom Łódź would be a perfect choice for them – says Krzysztof Miksa, Director for Engineering of TomTom Poland.


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