Let's have a breakfast in Silesia Star

Deli Sandwich - a new tenant in Silesia Star
Deli Sandwich - a new tenant in Silesia Star
The brand Deli Sandwich started its business activity in Silesia Star in Katowice. The café shop is located on nearly 200 sq. m on the ground floor of building A.

The offer of Deli Sandwich is mainly aimed at employees of offices and institutions located in the city center. The concept of the brand envisages combination of a confectionary, baker and cafe. As Deli Sandwich, we are the experts in breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. In the very early morning hours we offer an awakening coffee at a good price, we bake croissants and bagels, we make sandwiches on spot. We simply do our best to surprise our clients every day – we invite you for a charlotte, ginger and brownie in a winter period, and we suggest soft cakes with fruits in spring. We are convinced that Deli Sandwich will become a favorite meeting place for the employees of Silesia Star – says Izabela Domaradzka, Project Coordinator, Gastromall Group.


We are glad that Deli Sandwich joined the group of our tenants. The concept is new and it perfectly fits the needs of employees of our office. We hope that this new café shop will be a typical place for business meetings, or a break from work, where everyone can catch their breath during breakfast, lunch, or drink a coffee made by a professional barista. The brand and the Olimp restaurant, which serves Polish and global cuisine, complement the gastronomic offer for our tenants – says Joanna Kozieł, expert for commercialization, LC Corp.


Silesia Star is situated in the city center of Katowice. The project comprises two 8-tier buildings joined with a wide commercial and retail passage. Silesia Star has a car park with 250 parking spaces, which is located on the ground floor as well as in the underground part of the complex. The total leasable space amounts to 27 000 sq. m.


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