Polish Office Market Map – Wrocław

Wrocław - panorama (pic Municipal Office in Wrocław)
Art-Business Center - office and retail building located in the Wrocław's Ołtaszyn district
We have recently presented you some offices from Krakow and now it is high time for the capital of Lower Silesia. Let’s see where we can find a modern office in Wrocław.
  • Art-Business Center     


Art-Business Center is a prestigious office and retail building. The investment is situated in the Wrocław’s Ołtaszyn district at Strachowskiego Street. The location provides a good access to the city center as well as to a close road out of the city in the direction of the highway and the southern surroundings of Wrocław. Art-Business Center is first and foremost characterized by a modern architectural form. The frontal elevation is mainly made from glass, however, some wooden grill floorings and facing tiles are also added. The building comprises of three tiers and a usable entresol.


  • Business Garden Wrocław



Business Garden Wrocław will offer 110 000 sq. m of office and retail space as a target. The complex will be comprised of nine buildings as well as a restaurant with garden. The first phase of the complex was commissioned last year, within which three six-tier buildings of the size amounting to ca. 37 000 sq. m and a restaurant pavilion were realized. What is more, a lot of green areas are provided within Business Garden Wrocław as it is one of the key principles of sustainable construction introduced within this design. The three buildings of the first stage of Business Garden Wrocław are awarded LEED Platinum certificate. The owner of the complex is Vastint Poland.


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