Nowy Styl Group awarded for Lounge Plazza

Lounge Plazza in the headquarters of Gemalto (pic Nowy Styl Group)
Nowy Styl Group was awarded the golden distinction ARSEG Trophées in the category: Properties. The award was granted to Lounge Plazza located in the headquarters of Gemalto. It is a public space for meetings of employees and clients of the company.

ARSEG is the largest organization in France, which associates facility managers and companies delivering services for the industry of office properties. It gathers over 2000 enterprises and experts who specialize in the arrangement of working places. The ARSEG Association awards the best projects, teams, managers and technological solutions for the industry every year. The golden distinction of ARSEG Trophées in the category: Properties was granted to Nowy Styl Group for one of its projects, that is Lounge Plazza in the headquarters of Ghelamco. It is a public space which constitutes a sort of agora for meetings of employees and clients of the company. In the room there are café, restaurant, open library for everyone as well as entertainment zone.


The project of Nowy Styl Group envisaged rearrangement of the existing cafeteria, which was located next to the registered office of Gemalto near Paris. This metamorphosis was related to the change in identification of the company. The project is an effect of cooperation between Nowy Styl Group, Gemalto and architects from the BARU Design studio. We decided to change this typical cafe with a long counter into a multifunctional space, where four coffee machines are placed on the entire space – says Marc-Olivier Leroy, Sales Director of Nowy Styl Group in France.


Plazza Lounge is a space which is perfect for both conception work in quiet and internal meetings. It was made possible thanks to the curtains which divide particular zones. The borders between the working place and the relaxation place were blurred through the use of soft puffs and armchairs. The interior is full of geometric patterns, which were used in decoration elements as well as in the play of the horizontal and vertical lines of the furniture Sand and Metaphor with the shelves of the wall library.

The ARSEG award was a complete surprise for us because we competed with companies which have been present on the French market for a much longer period. The category in which we decided to compete was very demanding: the jury assessed the tough ROI rates, employees’ satisfaction and the way the new interior contributed to the increased effectiveness of the working environment. The golden award from ARSEG confirms our competences in all these areas – says Marc-Olivier Leroy.


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