Business Garden Poznan under construction – second phase of the investment project

Business Garden Poznan
Business Garden Poznan
PORR (Poland) has been charged by Vastint Poland as the general contractor of the second phase of Business Garden Poznan. The contract pertains to, among other things, the realization of five office buildings.

The contract concluded by Vastint Poland and PORR pertains to the realization of five office buildings, the total leasable area of which is to amount to 46 000 sq. m, as well as a freestanding multi-tier building of a car park at Łubieńska Street. The completion of this investment is scheduled for the end of 2018.


The planned leasable area of Business Garden Poznan amounts to ca. 88 000 sq. m. The complex is to comprise nine office buildings class A located on the 6-hectare plot in the areas of Marcelińska, Bułgarska and Łubieńska Streets.  


Five office buildings are to be realized within the second stage of the investment project, which will be surrounded with a garden with relaxation and sport zones. The scope of works includes the building of an independent structure, which is to be totally intended for a car park. This 7-tier building will constitute a complementation of underground garages and it is to provide 730 additional parking spaces for the employees of the complex. 


Business Garden is to be designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction. The developer’s ambition is to obtain LEED Platinum for all the buildings of the second phase.


The first phase of the investment project was commissioned in 2015. At present, the commercialization level of the four buildings with the total leasable area amounting to 42 000 sq. m is 75 per cent. The current tenants of the complex are such companies as BZ WBK, ADM, MAN, Capgemini, Intelligence, GSK.


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