Silesia Star lives up to Clearcode’s expectations

Silesia Star - visualization
Silesia Star - visualization
A modern office and retail complex located in the city center of Katowice has a new tenant. Clearcode is to open a new office in Silesia Star.

We wanted to centralize our department in Katowice in one place. In the past, we had to rely on an office which was really disjointed and not so functional. We were searching for a new place where our employees could work on one common area. Additionally, we wanted them to feel the prestige of a place where they work, the proximity of a city center and free communication, or parking spaces. In our opinion, Silesia Star meets all these expectations – says Marek Juszczyński, Clearcode SA.


Clearcode signed a lease contract for ca. 300 sq. m of office space in Silesia Star. This dynamically developing software company decided to open its new office on the first floor of the building in Katowice. The lessor is to prepare the office space in accordance with the requirements of Clearcode, which is to start its business activity in the new location in April this year.


Silesia Star is a very flexible place. The lessor presented a pro-activity approach at arrangement of the interiors (for instance, a suggestion of a wall coated with magnetic paint, a green wall covered with moss, both setting and amount of jacks, etc.), and then he adjusted the office space in accordance with our suggestions – adds Marek Juszczyński, Clearcode SA.


Silesia Star is situated in the city center of Katowice. The project comprises two 8-tier buildings connected with a commercial and retail passage. The total leasable area of the building amounts to 27 000 sq. m. Silesia Star has a car park located on the ground floor as well as in the underground part of the complex, comprising 250 parking spaces. 


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