Deckshield in the office on the Vistula

The Tides - underground garage (pic Flowcrete Polska)
The Warsaw’s office and apartment building The Tides is equipped with specialized parking floorings by Deckshield. They were performed on the area of 4000 sq. m in the technology and from the materials delivered by Flowcrete Poland.

The investor of the building is The Tides Property Group. The Tides was performed in accordance with the project devised by Kuryłowicz & Associates. It offers more than 13 000 sq. m of office space and 10 luxurious apartments. The users of the building have 125 parking places at their disposal, 75 of which are located in the underground garage, as well as 42 bicycle parking racks. The entire area of the car park on the level “-1” is covered with a specialized polyurethane and quartz flooring in the Deckshield system devised by Flowcrete Poland.


Deckshield floorings are made from the polyurethane resin with an addition of quartz sand, and therefore they are flexible, waterproof and resistant to large mechanical crackings. This technology allows to protect the concrete flooring against destroying in the result of intensive traffic movement and the use of fuel as well as other car liquids and chlorides contained in the road salt. The system by Deckshield is available in vivid colors, which optically enlarge the area of the car park. Additionally, it has a non-slip area, which increases traction of tires and reduces any noise related to the traffic movement.  


While choosing Deckshield to protect the flooring, we put emphasis on its special performance parameters, and we also wanted it to have aesthetics coherent with the architectural concept of the building. The floorings in the underground garage of The Tides – both in the parking places and on the roads – are in a consistent grey color in Mid Grey. They also have specially designed indications in contrast colors, which enable spatial orientation and regulate the organization of the traffic movement – says the architect Jacek Świderski, Kuryłowicz & Associates.


Deckshield flooring is widely applied in one and multi-storey underground garages, in aboveground car parks on the interjacent tiers, in external car parks as well as on ramps.


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