Flowcrete With Distinction

Barbara Radziwon, Managing Director of Flowconcrete for Central & Eastern Europe
Barbara Radziwon, Managing Director of Flowconcrete for Central & Eastern Europe
Flowcrete Poland received a distinction for the year 2017 by the "Builder" monthly magazine. The company was awarded the title "Construction Company of the Year 2017" whereas Barabara Radziwon, Managing Director of the company – "Industry Personality of the Year 2017".

The ceremonial Builder Awards Gala was held in Multikino in Golden Terraces. The distinctions were granted by the Editorial Board and the Scientific and Program Council of the “Builder” monthly magazine. The title “Construction Company of the Year 2017” is granted to companies from the construction industry in recognition of their growth and position on the market. This year the jury distinguished Flowcrete Poland.

The jury granted a special distinction "Industry Personality of the Year 2017" to Barbara Radziwon, Managing Director of Flowconcrete, Central & Eastern Europe, for effective management and contribution to the success of the company. Barbara Radziwon has been associated with the company for 18 years and she has been performing a role of Managing Director since 2009.

I am very pleased about the distinctions granted by "Builder". They confirm the strong position on the resin floor market which we have been building, as a team, for 23 years. We launched our own laboratory and production facility in 2012, which allowed us to expand the scale of our business activity. We are currently exporting our floors to 13 countries, mainly to Russia and to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We are the largest producer of "Flowfresh" anti-bacterial floors in the Flowcrete Group in the world. Due to the development of export and expansion of production activity, we increased employment by over 15% in 2017. In effect of dynamic growth, we moved to a new and larger office and we relocated the production facility and warehouse to a new, twice as big, hall – says Barbara Radziwon, Managing Director of Flowcrete for Central & Eastern Europe.

Flowcrete Poland is a leading expert in resin floors. The company has been creating specialized technologies for over 20 years, producing and delivering materials for performance of seamless resin floors (including industrial, car park and decorative floors). They are used in the prestigious buildings: Warsaw Spire office building in Warsaw, Szczecin Philharmonic, Posnania shopping center in Poznan or the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk.


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