Resin Flooring For Your Office: 5 Major Trends

Flowcrete's Resin Flooring: Flowcrete Poland's Office
Modern work places are to be comfortable, stimulate creativity and favor integration among employees. Hence, architects use different non-standard solutions while designing such places, including resin flooring.

Most Interesting Resin Flooring Trends In Office Space In Accordance To Flowcrete Poland:


  • Flooring Inspired By Industry

Until recently, some solutions have been only associated with production halls or warehouses. However, thanks to fondness for both simplicity and Scandinavian design, they’re also applied in office buildings. The industrial aesthetics can be achieved by choosing jointless flooring based on resin and tinted grains of sand or petals, for instance, in beige or grey.

  • Raw Concrete Flooring

A perfect protection of concrete flooring against dust and effects of every-day use is covering it with a thin layer of colorless epoxy resin. What’s more, this allows for exposing the natural character of the surface. Such solution is invaluable for large spaces when other elements of office equipment are maintained in similarly raw aesthetics.

  • Elegant Resin Terazzo In The Entrance Zone

A differentiated finishing of flooring allows for a graphic division of zones with various functions. An elegant flooring of sanded and polished resin terazzo fits representatives zones.

Carpet flooring coverings that dull the sound of marching feet are often applied in other office parts that require silence and concentration. Places on the borderline between different materials are designed in such a way to blur the boundaries between them. In such case, thin aluminum boards and graphic patterns with merging finishing materials are applied.

  • “WOW” Effect: Flooring That Turns Heads

Modern technologies provide almost unlimited freedom in design of resin flooring. Flooring is therefore a background and one of the main architectural elements that decide on character of a given space. Such effect allows for applying an intensive color or nonstandard and eye-catching texture, for instance, stony carpets.

  • Contrasting Combinations: White And Black, Shine and Mate

Plain flooring in consistent shades of white and grey is an element that is often used in the creative industry, for instance, in advertising agencies or architectural studios. It creates a modern and minimalistic interior where it’s easier to concentrate and come up with great ideas. Adding black or shine and mate in order to achieve contrast makes a given arrangement more unique.


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