Awarded for innovations in OSH

Eiffage was awarded a prize for the Safety Force© application, which protects against dangerous situations.

Eiffage was awarded the first prize for the application Safety Force©. This distinction was granted by the industry organization FNTP (Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics).


The prize granted by FNTP shows that it is important for a company to provide their employees with the highest safety standards at the construction site. The innovative tool – Safety Force© – measures the level of safety in real time at the construction sites of infrastructural projects, which are carried out by Eiffage. The application uses a prediction algorithm to assess the correspondence with the 20 basic requirements concerning safety. It calculates the possibility of occurrence of an accident on an ongoing basis, or – if needed – it warns appropriate services against potential risk. Chaos theory, which was created by a mathematician – Edward Lorenz, served as an inspiration for creating Safety Force©.


More than 2300 employees and partners of Eiffage all over the world have downloaded Safety Force© and made almost 9700 evaluations of the level of safety within a year since making the tool available.


Eiffage Polska Budownictwo (EPB) belongs to Eiffage Group, which is one of the largest construction groups and operators of concessions in Europe. EPB is a general contractor of construction services. The company has carried out over 550 investments during 20 years of business activity in Poland.


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