ECO BREEAM FINAL for Astrum Business Park

Astrum Business Park - office complex in Warsaw (pic press materials)
Astrum Business Park in Warsaw received BREEAM FINAL certificate at the Very Good level.

Astrum Business Park is a modern office complex class A. It is situated in one of the largest and most appreciated business zones in Warsaw at Łopuszańska Street. The complex offers more than 20 000 sq. m of office and retail space.


Our main assumption was to concentrate on the principles of sustainable construction during the entire investment process. Thereby, Astrum Business Park, a building which meets all high standards of green construction, is one of the most modern offices, friendly to the surroundings and users. Thanks to implemented innovative and green solutions, both at design and post-construction stage, Astrum Business Park received BREEAM certificate at the Very Good level – says Krzysztof Marczak, Director of Irydion Sp. z o.o.


BREEAM FINAL certificate, which was granted to Astrum Business Park, is a result of long-term proceeding conducted in accordance with the certification procedure – BREEAM Europe Commercial 2009. The proceeding included design stage, which was completed with a report, as well as post-construction stage, which was also completed with a report.


Astrum Business Park received BREEAM INTERIM certificate at the Very Good level for Design Stage in June 2015. The crowning of the process is BREEAM FINAL for Post-Construction Stage, which pertains to the completed part of the complex, assessed Very Good grade. The consultants of Sweco Consulting Sp. z o.o. participated in the certification process.


The investor of Astrum Business Park is IRYDION Sp. z o.o. Its shareholders are LFI 1 Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty Aktywów Niepublicznych and PROCHEM SA, which designed and executed the building in the GRI formula.


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