Hala Koszyki is awarded a prize

Hala Koszyki
Hala Koszyki
Hala Koszyki was awarded a prize in this year’s edition of the CEEQA Awards 2017 competition in the category: Retail Development of the Year.

CEEQA Awards are precious trophies in the sector of commercial properties. They are granted to the best buildings, companies and employees of this particular industry by the jury, which is composed of representatives of renowned companies of this sector.


It is another distinguishing granted to Hala Koszyki. The investment has been already awarded in BRICK AWARD 2017 competition in the category: Building in urban sprawl. Additionally, Hala Koszyki received a prize in the competition POLSKA ARCHITEKTURA XXL (POLISH ARCHITECTURE XXL) in March. 


In all competitions, the jurors appreciated that the investment is a successful revitalization of a destroyed historical building, which, in some way, gained “new life”. It is confirmed by the increasing number of guests, who visit the building.


Hala Koszyki is an office and retail project, which was executed basing on the architectural concept from the beginning of the 20th c. The building comprises of a market hall, where numerous restaurants and office areas are located. The owner of Koszyki is Griffin Premium RE.. . Additionally, the building is managed by Echo Polska Properties, a Dutch company, which operates in accordance with the REIT formula, and which invests in the sector of real estates on the area of entire Poland.


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