Preschoolers in office buildings

New kindergartens move into office buildings. The Fair Play chain will be present in Krakow and Warsaw.

The Fair Play chain includes kindergartens which operate in office buildings. Its new branches will be soon launched in Krakow and Warsaw. The Krakow’s branch will occupy 263 sq. m in Equal Business Park, whereas in Warsaw – a new kindergarten will be launched in Grójecka 208, where it will occupy 343 sq. m. The tenant was represented by Knight Frank during both lease processes. The new branches of Fair Play in Krakow’s Equal Business Park and Warsaw’s Grójecka 208 will be opened by the end of 2017.

We are very glad that Fair Play decided to locate its branches in Warsaw and Krakow for the next years. Tenants more and more frequently ask about such services in office buildings. As a company which meets expectations of even the most demanding tenants and owners, we decided to establish a close cooperation with the chain which inspires trust due to its individual approach to children as well as high level of services – says Kinga Zabłocka, Leasing Manager in Commercial Property Division, Knight Frank.

We are going to launch our second kindergarten in Warsaw. The first metropolitan branch of Fair Play operates at Poleczki Street. We are going to move into a centrally located place by choosing Grójecka 208. We have managed to find the building together with Knight Frank in response to the needs of both tenants and inhabitants from the nearby housing estates. The Fair Play kindergartens operate in many places in Krakow. We hope to achieve a similar level of development in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Łódź and Wrocław – adds Paweł Kusek, Fair Play.

Fair Play is a private network of pre-schooling facilities. It owns 9 establishments in Warsaw and Krakow. What is more, Fair Play especially favors sport education.


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