Concrete protection and repair – innovative materials

EUCO Diamond Hard
Flowcrete Poland, the expert of resin flooring, introduces new solutions for concrete protection and repair.

Flowcrete Poland delivers specialistic technologies and materials for performance of resign flooring systems. The company extended its offer by new technologically advanced products for concrete flooring. These are the three materials intended for wood finishing, protection and strengthening of flooring as well as the two systems for sealing of construction dilatation, construction joints, or repair of scratches and cracks in flooring.

The new impregnates offered by Flowcrete Poland are created on the basis of water-soluble silicon compounds and they protect the flooring against dustiness, moisture intrusion, or stains. They allow to obtain flooring of high resistance to salt, water, oils, or other chemical agents. These systems do not have a great impact on coloring of secured flooring, giving them aesthetical gloss without the “wet concrete” effect. What is more, they reduce surface’s susceptibility to dirt and they make their cleaning easier.

The offer of the company includes, for instance, Eucosil, that is a preparation based on sodium silicate in order to protect the concrete against dustiness and to pave and inspissate the flooring during the process of polishing. Another product is EUCO Diamond Hard. It is a combination of silicon silicates and modifiers which highly protects the concrete flooring against dustiness and gives its hydrophobic properties as well as delicate sateen gloss. The Flowcrete Poland’s offer also includes a water-thinnable polymer layer with an addition of lithium silicate and stain-resistant modifiers, that is UltraGuard. It provides full gloss and resistance to stains.

The materials for repair and dilatation joints, scratches and cracks in flooring included in the offer of Flowcrete Poland are based on polyurethane, polyurea and urethane technologies. They allow for performance of resistance fillings and lasting repair of high endurance with the consistent surface appearance. One of them is EUCO QWIKstitch, that is a two-pack, quick-setting, urethane repair material for gravitational and low pressure injection of scratches and cracks as well as for repair of losses in horizontal surface. Another material is EUCO QWIKjoint UVR. This is a two-pack, quick-setting, polyuera stuffing for dilatation which does not require priming and which enables work in temperature below zero.

The new materials were introduced to the offer of Flowcrete Poland in cooperation with Euclid Chemical, a leader of the American market of construction chemicals with over 100 years of experience. Both companies belong to Euclid Group which is currently one of the largest companies from the industry of construction chemicals in the world.


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