Has Facebook chosen Warsaw ?

Warsaw, Szczecin and Wroclaw are competing for the privilege of hosting the polish headquarters of social network giant. The cities are trying to convince the owner of Facebook by internet campaigns.


The beginning of the year brought new investment possibilities for Poland. The social media giant wants to open its first polish department. There are many cities eager to win the competition, among others Warsaw, Wroclaw, Bialystok, Szczecin, Krakow, Poznan.

The largest polish cities try to persuade the owner of Facebook to choose them by campaigns in the internet. The prize is big because winning the contest may contribute to the popularization and increased attractiveness of the city. It has been unofficially stated that Warsaw is the leader, however this information has not been confirmed.

Until now, Mark Zukenberg’s company has owned 14 divisions located out of the USA.  The opening of the 15th is a result of a termination of a contract with ARBOinteractive agency. They were responsible for maintaining commercials that appear on Facebook until the beginning of this year. They were also a strategic partner of Facebook in Poland. Currently they have a status of a preferred partner  and the social network will be represented by its own division.

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