Lechia Gdansk Foundation resides in Olivia Business Center

Maciej Grabski, Adama Mandziara and Janusz Biesiada (in the background)
A new head office of Lechia Gdansk Foundation is to be located in Olivia Business Center. The Foundation has joined the group of social organizations which reside in Olivia CONNECT.

People who participated in the inaugural meeting of the Foundation in Olivia CONNECT were: Adam Mandziara, Chairman of Lechia Gdansk, Janusz Biesiada, Chairman of Lechia Gdansk Foundation, Tomasz Motyka, Managing Director of Lechia Gdansk and Maciej Grabski, Chairman of Olivia Business Center. 

Olivia CONNECT provides comfortable working conditions to Lechia Gdansk Foundation. The head office in one of the most modern office buildings in Gdansk will allow us to implement our statutory purposes even more effectively. We will adjoin many foundations and institutions which are engaged in charity and thus we will be able to establish cooperation with them “through the wall”. What is more, we would expand our business activity and start completely new projects – says Janusz Biesiada, Chairman of Lechia Gdansk Foundation.

Numerous non-governmental organizations, including associations, foundations and business support institutions, have their head offices in Olivia CONNECT. The residents of CONNECT are: infoShare Foundation, Marek Kamiński Foundation, Marek Kamiński Institute, Inspiring Examples Foundation, Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Commerce, Pomeranian Entrepreneur Association “Lewiatan”, GUP Job Office, Interizon ICT Claster and BPO Education Center – Sopot University.

We are very proud of our outstanding residents. We do our best and it is our main goal to create optimal conditions for cooperation, development, exchange of knowledge and experiences. We would like to motivate them to cooperate and implement projects which bring benefits to the whole Pomerania region. Lechia has been actively participating in social life of Tricity for years. Now, thanks to the Foundation, it could intensify all actions aimed at supporting the needy. I am convinced that both Olivia Business Center and the residents of our business hub would engage in the projects of the Foundation very actively – says Agnieszka Zglinicka, Chairman of SME, Olivia Business Center.

Lechia Gdansk Foundation was established in May 2017. One of its main objectives include actions aimed at supporting development of children and youth through promotion of active and healthy lifestyle. The Foundation conducts its activity in the area of improving living conditions of people who are in a difficult health situation or material standing.


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