7 Years in Poland

New office of Luxoft - opening ceremony (pic kreatyw-media), source: press materials by Luxoft
New office of Luxoft - opening ceremony (pic kreatyw-media), source: press materials by Luxoft
Luxoft celebrates 7th anniversary of presence in Poland. Due to dynamic growth, the company launches a new office in Warsaw.

The foregoing location of Luxtoft in Warsaw has become too small for the company. At present, Luxoft hires nearly 120 experts. The new office is a symbol of the company's dynamic growth. It is situated on the 36th floor in Warsaw Spire.

The Warsaw center of Luxoft fulfills tasks for many global organizations, including the leading investment banks in the world. In Poland, the company is on the cutting edge due to the number of projects and the scale of the actions taken within implementation and development of the Murex platform. Additionally, the Warsaw center services support processes of platforms for institutions from the bank industry such as Calypso. What is more, Luxoft supports financial branches of large automotive companies. 

Our experts are responsible for IT support of international platforms and financial systems which allow for turnover of milliards dollars annually. These are technologically advanced services delivered under the brand name Luxoft Excelian, which require specialized knowledge and experience in service of financial markets – explains Szymon Rudnicki, Operational Director of Luxoft Center in Warsaw. The department in Warsaw grows at a very fast pace. We have recorded almost fivefold growth in employment of Murex experts within a dozen or so months. The center services 15 international clients. It shows how big is the demand for advanced IT services, especially for the financial sector in our part of Europe. This is also the best review of the work done by our experts – adds Szymon Rudnicki.

The opening of the new office coincides with the commemoration of 7 years of Luxoft in Poland. The company started its business activity in Krakow with a team of several people. At present, the centers operate in four Polish cities: Krakow, Warsaw, Wrocław and Tricity. Luxoft has created over 2100 working places for IT experts within 7 years in Poland.

At present, we are very focused on diversification of business. We choose industries which allow our employees to develop in new more interesting fields. Hence, apart from global finances, we also work for clients from the sector of the broadly understood communication, entertainment, office building management, biotechnology and health protection. We will soon announce commencement of a new innovative project from the automotive industry – says Wojciech Mach, Managing Director of Luxoft for Central Europe.

The experts of Luxoft work on future technologies all over the world. The fields include: cars of the future, FinTech, Blockchain, Internet of Things, or processes based on artificial intelligence. We are living in the world which is changing in front of our eyes. It requires new and even higher engineering and creative competences. As a country, we can play an important role in this process, most of all, due to high competences of our experts. The Polish department of Luxoft starts implementation of the first projects in this field – sums up Przemysław Berendt, Global Vice President of Luxoft.


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