Olivia Receives the Highest Note in the Region

Olivia Six
Olivia Six, a building which belongs to the Olivia Business Center complex situated in Gdańsk, has just received BREEAM Excellent with the highest note in the region.

Olivia Six is another office of the Olivia Business Center complex which meets the highest standards and practices in respect of sustainable design, construction and building usage. The investment received the prestigious BREEAM certificate at the Excellent level with nearly 80 percentage points, thus improving the pre-certification note from 2015 by 3.5 percentage points. Olivia Six is the most highly rated building in Pomerania.

The BREEAM Excellent certificate confirms that Olivia Six belongs to the best office buildings in the country and that it is one of the most eco-friendly investments in Poland. The technological solutions applied in the building, including such factors as acoustics, ventilation, lighting and highest class materials constitute a guarantee of its optimal use by tenants. For instance, we have performed the first all-glass and triple-glazed façade in Poland which meets the UE requirements for 2021. It significantly reduces the influence of external conditions on temperature in the office premises, minimizing the necessity of cooling them in summer and heating them in winter. This translates into better comfort of users, lower demand for the energy and thus the reduction of exploitation costs – emphasizes Maciej Kotarski, Director of Lease at Olivia Business Center.

Olivia Six has received BREEAM Excellent due to the advanced technical solutions (including the systems which allow for total control over the building during its current exploitation and materials of high quality). This investment is also characterized by a modern elevation, the air handling units equipped with heat pumps and the so called green roof which allows for water retention and rain water maintenance for watering greenery.

BREEAM Excellent “Final” is the crowning achievement as the certification process was incredibly demanding and time-consuming. The higher note received by Olivia Six indicates that the requirements concerning the building were not only met but also exceeded – says Karolina Michalak, Performance Department, Olivia Business Center.

Olivia Six has 18 tiers (including 3 underground tiers). The building delivers over 17 000 sq. m of office space. The main hall is performed as a huge chessboard made from black and milky stone, whereas the public lobby is stylized for an English club library. The middle floors in the office have the view of Gdańsk Bay and one of the oldest and greenest district of Gdańsk, that is Oliwa. Olivia Six was designed by BJK Architekci studio from Gdynia. The certification process was conducted with support offered by Sweco Consulting. Olivia Six received 75.10 per cent in the pre-certification process in 2015, whereas in the final assessment – 78.6 per cent.


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