BE Yourself – Original Concept of Adgar Poland

BE YOURSELF - Adgar Bit (designed by Mode:lina ™)
An original idea of Adgar Poland is a unique offer for enterprises which consists in modern operating mode as well as freedom of choice and flexibility while preserving the structure of the company's independent work space.

Brain Embassy is the first co-creating space in Poland. It has already been widely appreciated by both users and the industry. This modern working space was created as a place supporting natural creation of communities, which is a meeting place for representatives of different styles of operation (for instance, freelancers, owners of start-ups, people who work in corporations, etc.). Thanks to innovativeness, this space is to support creative thinking. Some organizations are interested in work based on flexible conditions and integration of employees. BE Yourself is a perfect offer for them as it opens up opportunities for creative work.

This concept is dedicated to both small and large companies. The offer of BE Yourself combines the benefits with the access to common space while preserving the company's internal structure. Apart from it, this space also supports creative work. 

All employees with monthly BE Yourself membership have unlimited access to Brain Embassy in all current and future locations. First BE Yourself spaces will be introduced in Adgar Wave and Adgar Bit. As a target, they will be eventually located in all buildings which belong to Adgar Poland.

The most important assets of BE Yourself are: modern standard of equipment (with no additional costs), access to common areas and infrastructure of the whole complex, flexible accounting model, no deposit required, membership agreement (short, with no necessity of concluding long-term contracts), services included in the price (printing, cleaning, etc.), preserving company's own operating mode.

Mode:lina TM and Archicon are responsible for the architectural concept and design. BE Yourself spaces will be launched in all complexes which belong to Adgar by the end of 2018.


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