Adgar Park West with new tenants

Adgar Park West
Adgar Park West
Adgar Park West complex gained three new tenants: Pharm Olam, Hakiel Akademia Tańca and Inmedio.

The largest space with 810 sq. m in the building A was rented by international company delivering services in the area of clinical studies – Pharm Olam. Hakiel Akademia Tańca signed a lease contract for 133 sq. m in sport and recreation zone located on the ground floor of Adgar Park West. The last tenant, Inmedio, offering i.a. press and impulse products rented area with 16 sq. m located on the ground floor of the building.


We are glad to welcome Pharm Olam, Hakiel Akademia Tańca and Inmedio in the group of our tenants. We provide something more than high quality office areas – thanks to AdgarFit, all employees in Adgar Park West have and easy access to fitness center, all-year-round racetrack surrounding the building, swimming pool with a retaining swimming system, large shop with sport equipment as well as sport medical center. Moreover, we have several restaurants and cafes which offer fresh and healthy food says Eyal Litwin, chairman of Adgar.


Adgar Park West is a perfect location for us – it has a group of people engaged in sport and devoted to different kinds of physical activity as well as regularly benefitting from offer of AdgarFit. They are not only employees of the office complex but also people from the outside – says Marcin Hakiel, founder of Hakiel Akademia Tańca. 


Adgar Park West office complex is located in the western part of the business center of the capital and it is composed of three combined structures: building A with 11 740 sq. m, building B with 17 160 sq. m and building C with 14 260 sq. m.  


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